A Note From Nora


GALLERY NORA is a privately held Canadian art cooperative managed by
Nora Camps, herself an artist as well as marketing stratetist with

GALLERY NORA is a site for people who have an interest in fine art,who
are patrons of the arts, and for those who have awakened to the notion
of bringing art into their homes and offices.

Art enriches our lives, our spaces. Once we begin inviting art into
our life, we find we cannot live without it. Art has enriched my life -
for as long as I can remember.

The work on this site is available for you to purchase. Most people
visit the site every two weeks.You can join the site as a Guest and we
will send you updates or you can request to be notified of new work by
a particular artist.

I welcome you to make this YOUR site

In a very real way, this is your site. Perhaps you are an artist or
an art lover, a seasoned patron or you are just starting out, looking
for that first or second piece - this site is a place to visit art that
is available for purchase. Take your time and when you find work that
moves you -- contact the artist directly. Now I invite you to Visit the

Art is like a love affair. Once you have it in your life you are unwilling to do without.


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